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High customer satisfaction, long-term profitability and a competitive business position can only be achieved with the support of a fine-tuned operation.

Gone are the days where businesses competed solely on product and price.  Success today is driven by the ability of a business to meet customer product/service demands and exceed customer expectations. Winning businesses have agile back-office operations and customer support groups that are purpose driven while embracing a culture of continuous process improvement.

Business is experiencing waves, one after another, of innovative changes and disruptions. To remain profitable and competitive, businesses must aggressively challenge the status quo.

Operations management that is lacking in a continuous process improvement mindset will be a hindrance.

Be Bold: Challenge the Status Quo and Evolve

Only with an agile, innovative and a continuous improvement operational mindset will your business be prepared to actively address industry disruptors. Operational management must think about solutions to problems and challenges beyond the traditional approach.

Most organizations’ management teams struggle to take back-office operations beyond the objectives of controlling costs and ensuring things run smoothly. Those that do are often challenged to know which strategies to implement and/or how.

That’s Where We Come In

We have been helping organizations across the globe improve their bottom lines, boost productivity and improve service levels by:

  • Performing operational audits of in-house operations and third-party service providers
  • Facilitating feasibility studies and justification analysis of capital expenditures
  • Facilitating the procurement process; RFP, Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Providing operations project management
  • Executing a cash mobilization review of cash flows and procedures
  • Training and mentoring of operational staff

FTP’s consulting focus is to drive client profitability and growth by providing alternatives solutions to operational management challenges.

Since 1986, FTP has converted a broad and varied range of operational challenges into business opportunities.

We Don’t Just Help You “Do It Right” — We Help You Determine the “Right Thing to Do”

Have Your Training Investments Produced Quantifiable Results?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve attended a variety of workshops, conferences and seminars over the course of your career. Maybe you’ve even earned an MBA or taken courses in operations management. Most were heavy on theory and light on practical application.

How much did they really help you identify and implement true costs savings and improve productivity?

If the answer is “not much,” you’re not alone. The reality is we invest time and money to attend, but then we get busy and distracted and within a few months fail to remember what or how to implement what we learned.

FTP’s Workshops Are Different

Clients See an Immediate and Significant ROI

Clients who attended our comprehensive three-day workshops — which includes six weeks of follow-up mentoring — recognized cost savings and/or benefits ranging from $2M to $5.5M within 90 days.

We Don’t Tell You Solutions to Your Challenges — We Transform You Into Becoming Part of the Solution

Beyond Workshops

FTP doesn’t just talk the talk. We are proud to have helped clients increase their profitability by avoiding costly and inappropriate operational choices. We’ve learned that one size does not fit all.

Each operation and business requires a process improvement strategy tailored to its specific requirements.

How? Experience!

Since 1986 we’ve helped clients find solutions to their unique operational challenges.

FTP has helped domestic and global clients of all sizes and industries such as:

  • Bank Card Operations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Government Agencies -Local, State and Federal
  • Non-Profit
  • Package Delivery
  • Retail Operations
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

Having participated in Managing Operations as both a student and a sponsor I know firsthand the benefits of the class on not only improving the operations of a department but its lasting impact on leaders and how they approach driving efficiency, improving quality and managing cost. The class provides managers with a set of tools they can use in a variety of roles through the rest of their careers to measure and drive improvement across key performance indicators such as quality, cost and time to delivery.  I know this because I completed the class over 5 years ago and have used the techniques I learned in Managing Operations successfully at 2 companies in different industries. In addition to the quantitative results, another benefit of Managing Operations is the valuable insight you get into your leadership team when working together on the simulation exercise and subsequent presentations.  These insights allow you to plan for future organizational needs.

Joseph Buda

Vice President, Client Services, NBC Universal

I’ve had FTP Consulting teach Managing Ops to my management team in the US and overseas. From the most senior person in my organization to the line managers. The class is a game changer. It provides managers with a set of tools and creates a culture of continuous process improvement with the entire team speaking the same language in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). As an industry we’ve centralized functions that provide the data operations leaders require to manage effectively. As a result, we’ve raised a generation of managers that don’t know the intricacies of how to forecast volumes, staff and schedule effectively and creatively or have the experience to establish effective productivity, customer satisfaction, quality, timeliness and unit cost goals. In addition, Managing Ops teaches managers how to effectively create a financial and FTE forecast to more effectively manage expenses. When initially deciding to make the investment in Managing Ops I quickly realized that if I saved one FTE from each class my return would be double the investment. It was an easy decision to make.”

Jeff Newman

Managing Director, Financial Services Industry

I have utilized FTP and the Managing Operations Class on more than one occasion for both new and long-term managers. Coming back for more should in and of itself speak volumes in demonstrating value for the dollar and the benefit of the course material! The class has provided valuable operational insight to my management team and continues on a day-to-day basis proving the worth of the training material and reinforcing the behaviors learned. Understanding the impacts of decisions on workflow, scheduling of staff and our overall cost models, has helped to keep my folks focused and much more aware of downstream impacts their decisions have on our overall business model.

C.B. Saunders

Director, AT&T Remittance Operations, External Sales

The collections arm of CompuCredit Corporation made the business decision to begin sending 100% of the first line Collection Managers and Operations Managers through the demanding FTP Consulting Group, Inc. Managing Operations training program. The results have been have been visible in that our managers have much better skill sets to achieve our overall business objectives. CompuCredit will continue to use this course of instruction, as we promote and bring in new management, to insure our ability to forecast, budget and manage our multiple collection call centers as we continue to grow the business.’

Lee Mayo

Manager of Collection Center Operations, CompuCredit

Coming from a highly technical area of the telecommunications business to a total production area I fond FTP’s class to be a great transition tool. Many of my direct reports continue to use the concepts (staffing, PT vs… FT, workflow, cost analysis) learned in FTP’s class. I would recommend this class to new and incumbent managers in the production field.

Tina McCaskill-Spears

Standard Operations Manager , AT&T Remittance Management Organization

The workshop sessions I attended were both practical and interactive. The information shared in these sessions is applicable and targeted to the daily operation of a production environment and is presented in an ‘easy-to-understand’ format. Attendees are able to leave the workshop with solid information and apply the concepts to their own operations environment.”

Maureen Haggblom

Vice President, Regulus Group LLC

After attending FTP’s class, our operations management team immediately applied the tools and techniques learned to revise and maximize employee work schedules. The revisions resulted in reductions in cycle time, improvements in quality and productivity and an increase in employee satisfaction. Thanks FTP!”

Ben Lee

Senior Operations Manager, GE Capital Services

The basic models taught in Production Dynamics (Managing Operations previous title) workshops continue to be used today in our call centers, accounting areas, and back office operations. Production Dynamics improved our ability to understand the cause and effect relationships that were inherent in First Bankcard’s operations and provided the tools to measure and manage these labor-intensive functional areas in a more efficient manner. In addition, the people who attended the workshops continue to be the leaders of our organization today.”

David G. Nutty

Second Vice President, First Bankcard Center

It is my belief that the best process managers can be correlated with a strong foundation in quantitative disciplines. They understand and prove the value of their business contribution, and then make informed decisions to eliminate surprises and provide continuous improvements. Managing Operations training has become mandated training in my areas of responsibility to lay the foundations for solid and consistent quantitative disciplines in our process managers.”

John J. Hoffman

Senior Vice President Wachovia Bank Card Services

I had the pleasure of taking FTP’s Managing Operations Workshop last year while working at NBCU.  It was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my career and has permanently changed the way I think and work.  The workshop introduced me to several tools that have helped me streamline processes, identify and quantify issues in terms of costs, and become a more effective manager.  I was able to apply principles he taught towards NBCU’s desktop OS imaging process, which was my six week real-life project.  The instructor was always available during that time period and helped guide me towards completion long after the workshop was done.  This amazed me because he had 40+ other students across NBCU to help as well.  I highly recommend the Managing Operations Workshop, FTP Consulting Services, Inc., and especially Steve!”

Charles D


FTP’s Managing Operations workshop is extremely beneficial to anyone desiring to increase data analytics skills while sharpening project presentation aptitude. I use skills learned in many of my current projects.  I highly recommend this course.”

Qurell A. W


I found the Managing Operations Workshop to be extremely challenging, informative, professional and enlightening. The exercises in the course tapped into the parts of my brain that were definitely underused, helping me to think with more clarity, analysis and foresight. The workshop reinforces the need for me to be well prepared, smart and thoughtful when tackling team goals. I highly recommend workshop if you want to take your career and skills to the next level.”

Brian L


I have been a call center and client service operations manager for the past 10 years and thought I had expert knowledge in capacity planning, forecasting, and scheduling. After taking this class I realized that I relied heavily on other groups to do this for me without using simple concepts to validate assumptions, apply common sense principles, and find efficiencies in the groups that I manage.  The project mentorship included also brought an immediate financial impact to my business and the instructor’s experience and guidance was invaluable.  I recommend the managing operations class tool for executives, managers, and team leaders across industries to drive change in their organization with significant dollar savings.”

Brian McG


I was given a great opportunity through NBCUniversal to participate and learn under the instruction of FTP’s Managing Operations Workshop. The workshop taught me that developing a managing operations mindset is far more important than learning a bunch of statistical techniques. That managers don’t need statistics; they need to know how to solve problems. The workshop provided us with a different way of looking at operational problems, and how with a different approach and unique tools and techniques 98% of operational problems can be solved. The teaching style is informative and interesting while adding humor and fun into the workshop. I would highly recommend investing in yourself and participating in this one of a kind managing operations workshop. “

Paul T


The business operations course proved to be extremely informative and instrumental in providing tools for day-to-day management. In just three days, the subject matter expounded upon basic concepts to more advanced theories. The team project and competition provided real-world scenarios, while fueling collaboration and brainstorming sessions amongst peers across various business units. This class has changed the way I manage my team, approach business operations and problem-solving methodology, and I highly recommend it.”

Troy B


The Managing Operations Workshop challenged us to think differently and to factor in elements in the real world to make educated business decisions. The concepts are invaluable especially in our environment where our workload fluctuates. Now we can easily and systematically forecast to ensure we have proper staffing to meet our customer and financial goals. Excellent course for operational managers!”

Gary C


The managing operations workshop was not only an enriching classroom learning experience, it also leveraged practical hands-on activities that is applicable to any organization. By this course driving foundational economic concepts, you be able to see the operations and processes in your current organization in a new perspective and getting the most bang for your buck with each action. We are still utilizing core metrics taught by this class and analyze with measurements of cost per unit as we are making key business decisions. I highly recommend this course for anybody working in operations seeking to maximize profits and drive efficiency”

Paul W


I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in FTP’s Workshop. As an analyst transitioning into a management role, the workshop was extremely useful in understand the direction of the organization. Furthermore, FTP’s workshop provided me with the tools and skillset to manage our cost per unit and identify staffing trends to maximize productivity within the organization.”

Vicken D


The Managing Operations Workshop offered by FTP Consulting provided great hands-on experience that I use in my role every day.  The topics covered in the course can universally apply to various departments, and at multiple levels of management.  While the content of the course is valuable, the simulation exercise and follow up assignment are what really drive home the principles of how to effectively manage operations.  This workshop is a must for anyone who manages in an operational environment.”

 Heath S


The Managing Operations class has made my job a lot easier. I am able to use the new skills I learned on a daily basis. The content was great, the class atmosphere was dynamic and the activities really helped enforce the material. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to learn new skills or enhance their existing skills.”

Rosemary C


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