Achieving Career Success

Want to see what success looks like? Let me tell you about Ralph.

I hired Ralph directly out of the Marine Corp. He was young and full of energy.

His personal discipline and experience in leading men earned him a beginning supervisory position.

He was enthusiastic, full of energy but lacked operational knowledge and training.

That was until he attended an Operations Management Workshop for new supervisors and managers.

That was over thirty years ago.

Moving Up the Ladder

Since then, Ralph’s career has continued to blossom. He regularly received promotions and positions beyond his peers.

Competitive organizations recruited his talents. With each new position, the responsibilities and scope of his job expanded.

His areas of responsibility grew from geographically local operations to regional and national in scope.

Fifteen years ago, his scope grew to include a business with an international footprint and processing operations that followed the sun.

Obtaining Continued Success

His success in implementing an internal customer support operation for the international operations of a major financial institution gained him recognition and offers for international postings.

He accepted an attractive overseas challenge as a president of operations.

Today, he is back in the states and managing a large division of an international financial organization.

Annually, his operation is a major contributor to financial savings, superior customer service and exceptional operational benefits to his organization.

Building a Strong Management Team

With each job, Ralph took a major initiative to build a strong management team. His goal was to instill a common operational mindset of continuous process improvement at all levels within his management team.

One of his first tasks after accepting a new position was to host a series of Managing Operations Workshops for all prospective and current supervisors and managers.

The workshops provided a shortcut to a:

  • Establishing a proactive culture
  • Common management language

The workshops also provided Ralph with an understanding that he was then able to use to build his success and grow his management team’s careers.

To learn more about building your success and growing your career by attending the Managing Operations Workshop, contact FTP Consulting.

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Achieving Career Success
To learn more about building your success and growing your career by attending the Managing Operations Workshop, contact FTP Consulting.

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