Bedrock of Operational Excellence

Let me tell you about Bob. Bob taught himself to program using a Radio Shack TRS 80 back in the ‘70s.

Bob’s skills landed him a job in a regional bank.  Soon he was promoted to an operations management position.

Struggling as an Operations Manager

Bob was used to being self-sufficient and learning things on his own. However, he struggled in his role as an operations manager.

Most of his early training and knowledge came from on the job experience and discussions with his peers.

Without the Internet, it was difficult to find much documentation on how to be a successful operations manager.

Most of the books he found were too theoretical and academic in nature and seldom provided practical guidelines for his job.

Moving Forward

Bob, despite any formal operational training, continued to manage successful operations. He documented and built his own tools and methods for managing an operation, such as how to determine:

  • Costs
  • Forecast volumes
  • Staff and schedule

Even though he regularly stumbled he constantly moved forward and gained a reputation as the “go to” operations manager.

Trusting Your Gut

After a number of years of promotions and different positions Bob shared a long time frustration. He felt that there was some insight and fundamental operational knowledge he was missing.

His gut instincts were pretty much on target, but he always felt that he got results the hard way, and there had to be an easier approach.

Increasing Your Success Rate

Bob experienced an awakening when he attended the Managing Operations Workshop. Bob tells everyone that the workshop brought everything together for him in a logical and practical manner.

It confirmed his long-held suspicions that there was a better and easier way to manage. Bob quickly absorbed and applied the lessons and skills learned in Managing Operations.

He has been able to reduce his work hours and increase his success rate. Bob is a convert.  He has made it his mission to instill the same level of operational mindset in all of his employees.

Working for a major financial organization Bob has seen layoffs and reductions in staff become the new norm.

However, his operational responsibilities continue to expand as he is viewed as the expert. Bob has seen Six-Sigma and Black Belt programs come and go within his business.

He and his staff continue to be a bedrock of operational excellence.

For information on how you can become the bedrock of operational excellence,  contact FTP Consulting to learn more about the Managing Operations Workshop.

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Bedrock of Operational Excellence
Want to increase your success rate and become the "go-to" person in your department? Then, be like Bob and attend the Managing Operations Workshop!

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