Is An All-Star Team Realistic?

Let’s face it, while most managers would like to have an all-star team; most realize that it seldom happens.

Sure, we all are fortunate enough to have a couple of outstanding managers, but seldom, if ever, do we manage an entire team of all-stars.

Not everyone on a team is an all-star player, but they all need to be above average to participate.

Your management team is the same. Not everyone needs or can be a six-sigma black belt, but your management team needs to be a step above average.

Fortunately for you, creating this all-star team is pretty easy to do. Really!

The bar for the average manager is set pretty low and is getting lower over time.

Is it because there are fewer qualified candidates or are we settling for less because it is too much work to find the needed talent?

Be Selective

One approach is to select managers with potential. Those that have shown the ability to think beyond the walls of their cubicle.

Those that have demonstrated initiative, curiosity and drive often lack knowledge and skills.

They sense there is more to managing, but they don’t know what they don’t know.

Is Training the Answer?

Many companies that have turned to training are less than satisfied. In almost all other business activities, the success of an effort can be measured and quantified.

There is:

  • A reduction in cost
  • An increase in customer satisfaction
  • An influx of new customers
  • Additional revenue 

The majority of training efforts produce limited or no quantifiable benefits.

The current trend is to reduce the cost of providing training by replacing the instructor with self-paced tutorials and canned quizzes.

This is appropriate for certain topics but provides limited “muscle or mind memory” where the manager intuitively knows how to approach and develop a solution for a problem.

A Shift in Operational Mindset

Often what is needed is a shift in the manager’s operational mindset. They need to be challenged and made to think of how to apply alternative approaches to their job.

A development program needs to introduce new concepts and approaches. Discuss and demonstrate the application of new skills.

This is one area where an experienced coach adds value. Managers often need help understanding how the new skill applies to them and their situation.

Added Value of an Experienced Coach

After being introduced, discussing and practicing the news skills the managers need to be placed in the position where they own their new knowledge.

This is achieved with the practical application of these new talents to existing problems/challenges within their management domain.

To provide the foundation of ownership of the new knowledge and skill, the newly educated manager should do the following for new projects.

  • Identify a problem
  • Develop a solution plan
  • Perform the analysis
  • Quantify the benefits

As with mastering any tool or skill, it requires regular use and maintenance to perform efficiently.

Need help building your all-star team? The skills and tools included in FTP’s Managing Operations Workshop can help you do so!

Article Name
Is An All-Star Team Realistic?
Let's face it, while most managers would like to have an all-star team; most realize that it seldom happens. Fortunately for you, creating this all-star team is pretty easy to do. Really!

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