Our Story

You need your organization to succeed, regardless of industry changes and disruptions. The only way you’ll achieve optimum success is with innovative, perceptive operations management focused on continuous improvement.

Many management teams fail to recognize operational objectives beyond controlling costs and ensuring processes run smoothly. They view operations as a stand-alone cost center, not a profit-generating partner.

If this is how your organization perceives operations, we can help transform your operations into an organizational partner that adds tremendous value.

You will experience a significant productivity boost, improved customer service and increased profitability.

Our Consulting Services Concentrate On:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Business process improvement
  • Transaction processing
  • Operations management training

We are recognized as the de facto third party authority in the “business” of transaction processing, possessing a professional pedigree unmatched by any other consulting agency in the industry.

As a result of having worked with corporate remittance processors, bank lockboxes, foreign governments and city, state and federal tax authorities, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the current state of transaction processing – and practical insight into the future.

The technological scope of our consulting projects includes expertise in paper and electronic financial transaction processing as well as image-based processing solutions and recognition technologies. This wealth of experience insures that we have both the experience and understanding of the transaction process, as well as access to a comprehensive set of national standards and benchmarks.

More recently, we have shifted our focus to educating, training and mentoring operations managers to expand their operational mindset, improve their critical thinking capabilities and adopt a culture of continuous process improvement.

Stephen McNair is the founder and owner of FTP Consulting Services. Since graduating from Texas A&M University, Steve has been involved in operations, process improvement and financial and business transaction processing as a vendor, end user and consultant. He has been involved in recognition technologies and automated document processing to improve business processes since 1978. Prior to starting FTP in 1986, Steve’s previous employers include Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Service Card Systems (SCS), Fort Worth National Bank, Citibank (South Dakota), N.A, and BancTec.

Steve is a seasoned professional with more than forty years of business experience and 30 years of providing process improvement consulting to end-users and vendors in public, private and non-profit sectors, plus all levels of government. Results-oriented and knowledgeable with experience spanning four continents and 12 countries in strategic planning, project management, business process improvements, expense reduction and revenue generation.

Steve also possesses a broad array of supportive skills and working knowledge and experience in marketing, research, analysis, product development, strategic planning, sales support, and selection and delivery of business solutions via the RFP / competitive bid process.

Steve and FTP share a history of assisting employers and clients implement and manage process, expense and quality improvements while compressing cycle times and improving the bottom line.

We have integrated 40+ years of operational observations and experiences into developing our Managing Operations Workshops which produce an unparalleled ROI.

Leverage our history and experience to improve your operations.

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