The “Secrets” to Operational Success

Do you ever have the feeling something is just missing in your training? Maybe, when you started at your current employer, your employer gave you a basic “crash course” training to essentially settle you in, but gave no ongoing professional development or mentoring.

Or what commonly happens, you did well in your previous position, were promoted into management with little or no professional training, and expected to know what to do. Now you’re scrambling to learn on the fly and hope you hang onto your promotion. Such circumstances leave little to be desired.

Being thrown into a new position with insufficient training and mentoring is a bad idea simply because it sets you up for a rough road — or even failure. Why? Because:

  • The absence of direction and guidance makes it challenging to measure performance, output and productivity
  • Without specific metrics and targets, tracking and evaluating performance is almost impossible

Trial by Fire?

From firsthand experience, I understand the frustration, confusion and overall uncertainty that come along with such a system. Years ago, I found myself as the manager of a new lockbox operation for a predominant regional bank.

My predecessor was, let’s say, more “traditional” in his performance metrics, as he relied primarily on his gut instinct as it applied to his employees. During my training, I received little to no guidance — not only as it pertained to managing my staff, but also to how I should perform my role in general.

If you’re a manager, I would bet you’ve experience a trial-by-fire experience at some point.

Does “Learning on the Fly” Work?

If ever a situation were to be characterized as “learning on the fly,” this was surely the crème de la crème! I had the feeling my staff was always several paces ahead of me.

They understood the dynamics of the team — who was exceptional, who was falling behind — the superstars and the slackers. I was left behind and out of the loop because they easily identified problems and efficiently “gamed” the system to satisfy which ever performance measure was “the flavor of the month.”

Operational Management Is a Formal Process?

It wasn’t until my subsequent employment opportunity, where I was introduced to the formal processes and structure of operational management, that I began to understand. It felt like the veil was lifted and I could finally see operations from an analytical perspective.

You could get a Masters or even a Doctorate in logistics and operational management. But the truth is, not everyone has the money or bandwidth to pursue an advanced degree.

As a manager, you require training now, not in a few semesters. You also require hands-on skills using real-world scenarios, not theories and lofty discussions.

The Secret

So while it’s inevitable we all have to learn on the fly, the secret to operational success is training — learning practical skills and tools — and how to implement them into your specific organization. While operations management is not a one-size-fits-all methodology, there are some common denominators that will produce measurable results.

Focusing efforts on effectively training employees automatically translates into a positive customer experience. After all, if your customers aren’t feeling the love, your bottom line won’t either.

You can have the best processes in theory, but if employees aren’t prepared and invested into the overall scheme, your organization will suffer.

Why a Managing Operations Workshop?

Instead of investing countless hours and dollars into an advanced operations management degree, you can learn the practical skills and tools and how to implement them right away by attending a workshop. In a quality workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Resolve departmental problems
  • Understand how positive employee and customer experiences are more important than processes
  • Identify viable savings and benefits options
  • Enhance presentation and performance evaluation abilities, and much more

My Managing Operations Workshop offers simple, straightforward methods and insights any manager can learn and adeptly apply to their team.

I know I am doing something right. Why? For more than 30 years, my client satisfaction rating remains steady at 100%.

If you’re eager to find and attach direction to your managerial tactics, you are the perfect candidate for the Managing Operations Workshop. Come learn the “secrets” to operational success and experience a full return on your investment. Some of of my previous clients have attained a 4,000% ROI after participating in my workshop!

Visit us online to learn more about how we’ve helped clients improve their bottom lines!

Article Name
The “Secrets” To Operational Success
If you’re eager to find and attach direction to your managerial tactics, you are the perfect candidate for the Managing Operations Workshop. Come learn the “secrets” to operational success and you’re likely to see not only a full return on your investment but perhaps even 4000%, as some of my previous clients have attained.

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