Operations: Simply a Cost Center?

Many organizations still view operations as a necessary evil — simply a cost center chugging along as the underlying engine that provides the products and services in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

We Disagree

We believe that operations management is a key factor in an organization’s success. We’ve helped clients around the globe recognize the value in implementing a strategic, proactive operations management methodology.

We help clients transition their management operations from one of putting out fires while cutting costs to one that produces innovative, profit-driven change.

Ready to Evolve?

A Few Things We’ve Helped Clients Accomplish:

Operating Expense Reductions

  • A subprime lender reduced operational expenses by 5% after completing our three-day workshop.
  • A package delivery service saved $550M+ after utilizing our consulting services.
  • A national call center reduced their average call time and saved $750K annually.
  • A client saved $1M by reducing a single keystroke from a fulfillment operation.

Increased Revenue

  • A vendor experienced a 17% increase in winning proposals after attending our proposal enhancement workshop.

Cost Avoidance

  • An Australian firm avoided a bad multi-million-dollar business investment after receiving our market feasibility analysis.
  • A BPI vendor avoided a costly acquisition after receiving the results of our customer survey.

Business Beating ROI

  • The revenue department of several state governments achieved 18-month or less ROI on purchases of new tax processing solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

  • A worldwide call center saved $2.5M in operations and improved customer satisfaction scores after completing our three-day workshop.


  • A non-profit consolidated and reduced banking fees by $250K+ annually.
  • An international technology vendor reduced their cash management fees by $1M+ after a business review.
  • A transportation company negotiated a $300K annual savings in cash management fees.

Let us help you transform your management operations.

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