Are Your Workshops Producing Measurable Results?

Workshops are great — if you can truly implement what you learned once you return to juggling your countless responsibilities and managing each day’s events. Often, the concepts you learned sounded great in theory.

How well did the concepts work when you tried to implement them?

  • Did they improve product quality and delivery?
  • Did they improve the process workflow?
  • Did they prevent staffing reductions or a drop in morale and efficiency?
  • Did your customer service metrics improve?
  • Did you gain more customers or improve profits?

If not, you’re not alone. Many of us learn a few things, but then fail to remember what or how to implement them within a few months.


Most likely because the workshops didn’t show you how it applied to your business and you were on your own when you tried to apply the lessons to your business challenges.

Our Workshops Are Different

You will leave our workshop with a new toolkit and mindset for creatively solving operational management problems and improving your key performance indicators. We will mentor you through your first challenge.


One-Day Workshop: Introduction to Managing Operations

This workshop is a condensed version of our highly acclaimed Managing Operations Three-Day Workshop.

This is a practical and interactive workshop that introduces you to basic principles and concepts of operations management. You will learn a broad spectrum of management concepts, as well as the tools you need to run an effective, productive business process.

Workshop Focus

Using discussions, simulations and team exercises, you’ll learn:

  • Forecasting
  • Variable Staffing
  • Short Interval Staffing
  • Modal Analysis for Prioritization
  • Pareto Analysis for Error Reduction
  • Cross-training
  • Unit Cost Measurement
  • Effective Communication

You’ll also gain operational insight and the ability to identify root causes of operational inefficiencies.

This workshop can serve as a stand-alone introduction to successful operations management or a springboard for our comprehensive Managing Operations Three-Day Workshop.

Three-Day Workshop: Managing Operations

Maximize your training ROI with this comprehensive workshop for your organization’s operations managers and staff. This interactive workshop delivers quantifiable results on the lessons and instruction provided.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement Performance Improvement Factors
  • Increase Processing Flexibility
  • Implement Quality Improvements
  • Avoid Wasted Production Expenses
  • Apply Operational Management Fundamentals
  • Identify Process Improvement Opportunities
  • Implement Meaningful Metrics and Reporting
  • Prioritize Operational and Management Efforts
  • Increase Business Profitability
  • Control Operational Costs

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin 

How Our Three-Day Workshop Will Teach and Involve You:

  • Individual six-week projects reinforce lessons and skills taught in the workshop
  • We mentor each participant throughout their six week project
  • Each project identifies an action plan, timeframe and quantifiable benefits
  • Student six-week management presentations validate lessons learned and benefits realized

Participants Learn Practical Skills Via Four Methods:

Lecture and Discussion: Learn fundamental operations management tools and concepts and discuss their application to your organization and staff.

Computer Simulation: Apply new skills to realistic operational challenges as a team effort.

Presentations and Teamwork: Learn and practice team and individual presentation skills and formats. Discover how group learning and problem solving foster teamwork and produce results.

Individual Projects: Apply tools and learned skills to solve real-world operational challenges in your organization. Receive continuous mentoring as you validate, investigate, analyze, justify and present your project.

Why Us?

Our Workshops Produce Measurable Results

Over time, our workshop clients have realized a 4 to 50-fold increase in cost savings/benefits and profitability.

What Does This Mean?

Cost Savings and Revenue Increases: Clients who attended our three-day workshop and six weeks of follow-up mentoring experienced savings and revenue increases ranging from $2M to $5.5M.

Measurable Improvements in KPI and KQI: Our clients experienced significant improvements in key performance and quality indicators.

The Necessity for Partnership: Clients and participants gain a personal understanding that optimizing operations management is not simply a departmental goal for the individual manager or a stand-alone team. Teamwork is a crucial component of what drives the success of the entire organization.

FTP has been presenting operations management training and consulting services to foreign and domestic organizations since 1986. View a list of some of the clients who we’ve helped optimize their operations management.

Do You Want to Improve Your Bottom Line?

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Do You Want to Improve Your Bottom Line?

We can show you how – so subscribe now!